Book review – Motherly Love in a Pandemic by Rose Wellbeing Therapies

Book review – Motherly Love in a Pandemic by Rose Wellbeing Therapies


Motherly Love in a pandemic is a book created by the wonderful Rachel Kirkpatrick founder of Rose Wellbeing Therapies. Based in Dumfries, South West Scotland, Rachel is a fellow Blossom and Berry teacher and runs baby massage and yoga classes and provides local parents with much-needed support.

The book itself was created through Rachel reaching out to her mums that she has supported through her classes and support group in a time of global crisis. At a time when there was so much uncertainty in the world with the COVID 19 pandemic, Rachel has managed to reach out to her community and create a book in just a few short weeks with the intention to connect, share and love. 

At a time when businesses, schools and Rachel’s own baby classes were stopped, instead of stopping the love supply, Rachel continued to support her mums online. It was through a post within her private Facebook group that the idea for the book was born. 

Rachel says, “In our private Facebook group, I created a post suggesting we share our stories in a ‘spotlight on ….’ series and was overwhelmed by the response. This led to a middle of the night thought that I could create a book from all our stories collated”

Within the book 30 extraordinary women including Rachel herself have shared their unique stories of motherhood, it celebrates all aspects of motherhood and shows the very different road women take to motherhood. The women tell their stories of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond and the difficulties they have had along the way to become a mother.

The stories show how different the road to motherhood is, for some ladies they told of their struggle to conceive and the challenges they faced. Some ladies shared their IVF story and their struggles with medical conditions whilst pregnant.

From the minute I turned over the page and started to read the first chapter, I knew I was not going to be putting this book down. The first story of “my babies 20 years apart” was so relatable to my own story with nearly 20 years between my eldest and youngest boy too, plus her eldest had the same name as my own son.

I loved the titles of the short stories from ‘we are all in this together” to “keep bonking”, from ‘Best laid plans” to “ McDonalds breakfast” or how about ‘Jelly’ or ‘Gippigen” as a title? One thing they all have in common is that motherhood is your own unique story.

The stories are short and easy to read, as a mummy to five boys myself, I related to so many of the stories. I laughed and cried along with these incredible ladies it's not easy sharing our story however all the stories end with so much joy and happiness. The quote on the back of the book is “There is always a rainbow after every storm” which is so incredibly true.

Each of these ladies has shown bravery and courage with sharing their story, it is incredible that during a time of such uncertainty within the world that these ladies came together to create something so beautiful.

Rachel’s own story of motherhood is a testament to her courage, escaping an abusive relationship and bringing up her son as a single parent came with its challenges. Rachel came through the anxiety and depression from the trauma, travelling the world with her son she has now since found love again and has settled in Scotland. 

Rose Wellbeing Therapies was born, and she is now doing an incredible job in supporting families herself. Her mission statement reads “to flourish from birth and beyond” which I am sure the ladies she supports will certainly do. 

The book is a great read and I urge anyone to read this lovely book it is testament to the strength and unity of woman coming together in a time of a crisis. Like Rachel herself says “ This collaboration of our stories will be a proud moment of togetherness during such an uncertain time” 

The proceeds of the book are going to D and G Baby loss awareness who are raising funds to provide care packages for mums who have had a loss. You can purchase the book at Amazon here  

To find out more about Rachel and services you can access her website here

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