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Nurturing Massage and Care - Suitable from birth to 8 weeks

A 4 week baby massage course with an emphasis on nurturing Mama and Baby on the transition from womb to world.
We will cover the benefits of skin to skin contact and kangaroo care.You will discover soothing holds to relax and calm baby, gentle massage and still touch to promote bonding from the very beginning. This class explores the fourth trimester, feeding advice, sleep support and the importance of tummy time.
We also incorporate gentle yoga to explore movement and ease colic in those tiny tummies.
Supporting parents in those early days focusing on baby’s emotional and attachment needs, we will also focus on Mama’s self care and touch on how Dad and other family members can help during this special time.
Plus a goody bag to really welcome you to this new phase, we can even offer this class on a one to one basis in the comfort of your own home over two 90 minute sessions should you need a little more time to get out and about.

Price: £60 for 4 classes (or 2 in home sessions) inclusive of goody bag.


Baby Massage - 8 weeks to crawling

A 4 week baby massage course at our inviting studio space in Maidstone, Kent.
You will come away with the knowledge and benefits of a full body baby massage routine promoting care, bonding and lots of love.
This beautiful skill can be used to nurture a happy baby. Stimulating all the senses, affirming baby’s need to be touched in your safe and secure embrace, you will practice relaxation techniques, ways to relieve common baby ailments such as teething and tummy aches and intuitively bond with your baby in an inviting secure space.
The benefits of baby massage are immense and by tuning into your baby during these sessions you will discover how the use of massage can release oxytocin, lower stress hormones and enhance communication with little one.
Also, for Mama a place to come and chat, make friends and enjoy a cup of tea with friends makes these sessions so worthwhile. Merging wonderfully with our baby yoga sessions we would highly recommend attending both to gain the full benefits of baby massage and yoga side by side.

Price: £45 for 4 classes inclusive of baby massage oil and goody bag.

Sweet Beginnings Babycare

 Claire is based in Maidstone, Kent and her sleep consultancy, baby massage and baby yoga classes offer a nurturing space for mum and baby to relax, recharge and connect. Claire has an extensive background in childhood studies and baby care. 


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