Sleep Coaching Service


Our Sleep Coaching Service

My sleep coaching uses gentle, consistent methods tailored to your style of parenting. Sleep training needn’t be an anxious affair. We will gently and gradually ease baby into new sleeping habits to ensure restful sleep for you both.
Sleep is essential for children’s growth and development.


During sleep...

  • Growth hormones are released
  • Immunity strengthens
  • Emotional wellbeing is restored
  • The brain processes the days events
  • Memory and concentration is increased
  • Our body rests


Therefore, a baby or child who sleeps well shows improved mood, behaviour and performance meeting their daily needs.
However, sleep deprivation on the other hand can cause issues surrounding concentration, normal daily functioning and learning (particularly detrimental in school age children).
Adults too can suffer from irritability, moodiness, normal daily functioning and ill health as a result of sleep deprivation.This in turn can leave sleep deprived mother’s feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and short tempered, potentially leading to depression and a negative impact on relationships. Particularly with their partners.
Ultimately, good sleep allows you to function at your best and most importantly enjoy your baby.
My approach to sleep coaching is gentle and tailored to the needs of your individual baby and family. Many parents are concerned surrounding crying and distress, we will always use responsive techniques that you are comfortable with.
Baby’s communicate by crying, it is their first language and tuning in to their different cry’s can help distinguish their needs. Gentle techniques that do not implement cry it out or controlled crying methods, allow us to respond at your pace with baby’s needs in mind. Each baby is unique, and realistically there may be some tears initially to changes we make, yet by tuning into your baby you become the expert.
Our aim is to align you both to gain more sleep, tend baby with responsive loving care and work together to implement your bespoke package that benefits you both.

Sweet Dreams

Suitable for Birth to 6 years

Understanding sleep patterns and setting up bespoke sleep habits enables you to create an individual routine that incorporates your preferences and lifestyle with your child.

Until around 6 months our expectations are not on baby sleeping through the night  however setting up your healthy sleep routine often means any sleep problems later on will be alleviated.

Whether you need support with bedtime battles, nightmares, needing the bottle or breast to fall asleep, constant waking up or early rising I can help.

Whatever the problem I will work with your family to enable you all to sleep better.

Some guidance or a little tweak surrounding your existing routine may be all that is needed.

If you are feeling bombarded with information and overwhelmed at all the conflicting advice then I am here for you.

You understand your little one, not a book or the latest research claiming to have the solution to get your child sleeping soundly.

At Sweet Beginnings we take an holistic approach inclusive of the whole family to create your own bespoke plan. The emphasis of your session will be based around gentle methods using responsive care and love.

Taking into account age, medical history, nutritional needs, temperament and your preferences our Sweet Dreams sleep coaching covers...

  • pre consultation in depth questionnaire
  • pre consultation sleep diary
  • 90 minute consultation
  • your bespoke sleep plan
  • post consultation email/telephone support for 2 weeks
  • support surrounding implementation including adjustments and review accordingly


Price: £200 (telephone/Skype)

          £250 (in home visit: Maidstone area)


Sweet Beginnings Babycare

 Claire is based in Maidstone, Kent and her sleep consultancy, baby massage and baby yoga classes offer a nurturing space for mum and baby to relax, recharge and connect. Claire has an extensive background in childhood studies and baby care.