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Our Sustainable Sleep Solutions

My sleep coaching uses gentle, consistent methods tailored to your style of parenting. Sleep training needn’t be an anxious affair. We will gently and gradually ease baby into new sleeping habits to ensure restful sleep for you both.
Sleep is essential for children’s growth and development.


During sleep...

  • Growth hormones are released
  • Immunity strengthens
  • Emotional wellbeing is restored
  • The brain processes the days events
  • Memory and concentration is increased
  • Our body rests


Therefore, a baby or child who sleeps well shows improved mood, behaviour and performance meeting their daily needs.
However, sleep deprivation on the other hand can cause issues surrounding concentration, normal daily functioning and learning (particularly detrimental in school age children).
Adults too can suffer from irritability, moodiness, normal daily functioning and ill health as a result of sleep deprivation.This in turn can leave sleep deprived mother’s feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and short tempered, potentially leading to depression and a negative impact on relationships. Particularly with their partners.
Ultimately, good sleep allows you to function at your best and most importantly enjoy your baby.
My approach to sleep coaching is gentle and tailored to the needs of your individual baby and family. Many parents are concerned surrounding crying and distress, we will always use responsive techniques that you are comfortable with.
Baby’s communicate by crying, it is their first language and tuning in to their different cry’s can help distinguish their needs. Gentle techniques that do not implement cry it out or controlled crying methods, allow us to respond at your pace with baby’s needs in mind. Each baby is unique, and realistically there may be some tears initially to changes we make, yet by tuning into your baby you become the expert.
Our aim is to align you both to gain more sleep, tend baby with responsive loving care and work together to implement your bespoke package that benefits you both.

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Sleep SOS Clinic

My Sleep SOS clinic is ideal for quick questions and general advice on things such as early rising, nap transitions or for follow up following the sweet dreams plan.

The clinic is available via telephone or a one to one can be booked at The Nurturing Hearts Hub in Kent.


Sleep SOS 
Sleep SOS £57 (30mins) or £97 (60 mins)
Please note these sessions do not include any follow up care or sleep plans.

Sweet Dreams

At Sweet Beginnings we take an holistic approach inclusive of the whole family to create your own bespoke plan. The emphasis is on sustainable sleep solutions and will be based around gentle methods using responsive care and love.
Taking into account age, medical history, nutritional needs, temperament and your preferences our sweet dreams package includes ...
A Preliminary questionnaire and sleep log
This is a comprehensive and in depth questionnaire taking into account your child’s health, current sleep background, personality and your family dynamic and parenting style. This information enables me to put my sleep detective hat on and look at everything holistically and find the approach most suited to your family. For five days you will also fill out a sleep log which will help me look at your child’s sleep patterns.
A 90 minute sleep consultation
During this call or visit we will discuss my findings and we will look at strategies and solutions that will support your family holistically to sleep to your biological best. This is your time to ask any questions and together we can tailor a plan bespoke to your family.
An in depth bespoke sleep plan for the whole family
This is a detailed and fully customised and bespoke sustainable sleep plan for your family that I will create after the consultation, it will be sent to you within 24 hours of the consultation so that you can implement things straightaway.
6 15 minute SOS calls over the following two weeks
Over the following two weeks you can schedule 6 15 minute calls to me, these can be used to discuss the plan and any setbacks you may be having and for me to hold your hand as we gently introduce the changes.
Unlimited email support for two weeks
You will be able to email me your progress or ask any questions during the plan
My emphasis on sustainable sleep solutions means that the sleep plan will continue to grow with you and your family. There will be strategies and tips that will help as your child grows and develops with support for things such as nap transitions, transferring to a bed, dealing with illness or going on holiday plus much more.
Your care plan
It’s not only the children who need help with sleep, within the plan will be some tips for parents too. You will have access to my mindfulness booklet which has many tips for sleep and some calming, breathing and relaxation exercises. I know first hand how hard this parenting lark is so this is my gift to you!
Sweet Dreams 
Sweet Dreams Remote: £597 In-home: £647

In home - Maidstone area.
In home, further afield is subject to travel costs.

Your Ultimate Sweetbeginning

This package incorporates all of my knowledge and my most exclusive and premier services bespoke to your family to enable you to have your Sweetbeginning into parenting.

My aim is to support and nurture parents as they discover the benefits of nurturing touch together with the importance of bonding and creating a lifetime of love. Sweetbeginnings is where connection amongst families grows through responsive care, love, nurturing touch and positive interactions. Feeling loved and supported enables us to feel confident and empowered it also enables children to become independent and happy and secure in their sense of self.


The ultimate Sweetbeginning includes:


Newborn know how

In this 90 minute session taken before your babies arrival we will explore any anxieties or questions you have in bringing your baby home. Supporting parents in those early days focusing on baby’s emotional and attachment needs, we will also focus on Mama’s self care and touch on how Dad and other family members can help during this special time. We will also explore some practical Babycare tips when it comes to feeding, sleeping, bathing and getting to know each other in those first precious moments.


Newborn nurture

In this 90 minute session taken between 0-8 weeks the emphasis is on nurturing Mama and Baby on the transition from womb to world as well as how partners can help and bond with baby too.We will cover the benefits of skin to skin contact and kangaroo care.You will discover soothing holds to relax and calm baby, gentle massage and still touch to promote bonding from the very beginning. This class explores the fourth trimester, feeding advice, sleep support and the importance of tummy time.


Baby massage routine

This 90 minute session taken when baby is over 8 weeks will enable you to come away with the knowledge and benefits of a full body baby massage routine promoting care, bonding and lots of love. This beautiful skill can be used to nurture a happy baby. Stimulating all the senses, affirming baby’s need to be touched in your safe and secure embrace, you will practice relaxation techniques, ways to relieve common baby ailments such as teething and tummy aches and intuitively bond with your baby.


Baby yoga routine

Once baby is 12 weeks I will visit for a 90 minute session focused on baby yoga and developmental play. We will cover poses and movements to promote baby’s healthy development, a chance for baby to explore tummy time and incorporate swings and dips to encourage baby’s sense of balance and body awareness. Alongside tips to incorporate play into your everyday routine to aid baby’s sensory diet and development whilst bonding and having fun together.


Sweet dreams consultation

From four months I will deliver my sweet dreams consultation, we will discuss all things sleep and we will look at strategies and solutions that will support your family holistically to sleep to your biological best. You will receive your bespoke sleep solution plan that I will create to best work for your family.


Follow up session

This is a 90 minute session that you can use at anytime between 6-12 months to discuss any problems you may be having and to formulate a sustainable plan going forwards with your little one. This will include tips to deal with transitions such as naps, moving to a bed, illness or going away and what to expect developmentally as your child grows.


12 15 minute calls

You will have 12 15 minute calls to me, these can be used to ask me anything or discuss any problems you may be having. They are your SOS calls for your helping hand.


Unlimited email support for 12 months

You will be able to email me your questions and always know that help is at hand


Plus many extras

Your care plan

Mindfulness booklet

And some extra special treats for you to enjoy

The Ultimate Sweet Beginning 
The Ultimate Sweet Beginning £1197

Sweet Beginnings Babycare

 Claire is based in Maidstone, Kent and her sleep consultancy, baby massage and baby yoga classes offer a nurturing space for mum and baby to relax, recharge and connect. Claire has an extensive background in childhood studies and baby care. 


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