Workshops and One to One Services

Child-Led Potty Training Workshop

This 90-minute workshop aims to reduce the stress surrounding potty training for both parent and child, taking a child led holistic approach.

We will look at the various ways in which your child demonstrates their readiness looking at it physically, emotionally and cognitively for the child, and we can support them.

We will look at how we can use play opportunities to help build neural pathways to support cognitive development needed for successful potty training. Exploring ways to support your child through this milestone and why accidents are a good thing

This session is ideal for those beginning to think about potty training and for those who have started to potty train and are looking for some further guidance.

The workshop includes handouts and refreshments.

Price: £20

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Happy Tummies

Set as a small workshop or one to one session dependent on your preferences our focus here is on little tummies.

For babies who suffer from colic, reflux or constipation during this session you will discover how tummy and leg massage can help ease these common yet often uncomfortable baby ailments.

We will provide you with soothing holding techniques and tips to ease discomfort. Plus you will leave with lots of information to relieve pain and keep little tummies happy.

 Price: £20 (workshop)

              £40 (one to one session)

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Daddy and Me

A 90 minute session to help Dads and partners to bond with little one. Discovering baby leg and tummy massage techniques to promote bonding, we will explore ways to support Mum too.

Mums are encouraged to pop along, relax and enjoy tea and cake whilst Baby and Dad have all the fun!

Price: £20

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Happy Smiles

A 90 minute session inviting you to chat over tea and cake whilst making your own teething necklace. You will also discover some massage techniques to relieve little ones teething pain, and learn about natural remedies and tips that may help baby.

Price: £25

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Soothe, Settle and Sleep (0-6 months)

During this 90 minute class you will learn a lovely relaxing massage routine that will help calm and relax your baby. We will talk about the fourth trimester and how baby transitions from womb to world, we will show you how you can recreate the womb with soothing holds and techniques to calm your little one.

This session is great for those little ones suffering with colic or any other tummy troubles as we focus on ensuring baby is comfortable

We will also look at sleep and what new-born sleep looks like looking at sleep science and biology.

The workshop uses simple instinctive techniques to soothe, settle and calm your baby and you will leave feeling more confident with some extra tools in your parenting kit.

Price: £25

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Love Your Sleep (6 months plus)

A chance to come along during this 90 minute session to get your questions answered surrounding your little ones sleep.

Be it queries regarding co-sleeping, nap resistance, general bedtime battles, frequent night feeding or anything else you would like to discuss.  

We will delve into sleep biology, baby’s development, and realistic expectations. 

Then we will explore how you can support your child’s needs with gentle, holistic methods and a lot of responsive care and love.

Please note this session is limited to 4 families per session and includes informational handouts and refreshments. 

Price: £30

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One to One

In the comfort of your own home, bespoke one to one sessions in baby massage and baby yoga are available at your request. Please contact me to enquire.

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Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift or something different for a new mum and baby? The gift of love is just perfect with a voucher for one of our baby massage or yoga courses.

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Sweet Beginnings Babycare

 Claire is based in Maidstone, Kent and her sleep consultancy, baby massage and baby yoga classes offer a nurturing space for mum and baby to relax, recharge and connect. Claire has an extensive background in childhood studies and baby care. 


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